How to Protect Your Home

As I was searching the internet I found an interesting article about keeping your home unattractive to intrusive burglars.

The article was pretty in depth, but I will try to sum up the most relevant things about it.

It mentions that burglars will choose to enter your home only if a certain amount of details are met, before they make their move.

The first thing thieves look for, is an alarm system that might blink somewhere inside. This system can monitor their every move before they even have the chance to open the door.

Of course when they open the door, the alarm will go off, thus alerting the nearby security patrol, or the local police, making them scatter in an instant.    Police Car

If you don’t want to spend money on this system, you can always look for alternatives that might be financially acceptable for you and your family.

You could start with the locks on doors. Some locks are hard to notice but they can do a great job to keep burglars out.

Usually a door is equipped with an inexpensive spring latch lock that can easily be kicked down by a hard tough swing of one’s foot.

The robbers will just invite themselves in to take anything they can. So you need to upgrade your locks by installing dead bolt locks. If you double or triple the bolts, it will be even better.

You can find these at your local home store, along with bigger screws and strike plates that might also improve the stability of your front or back door.

When your front door is secure, you need to move your attention to the windows.

If you want your home to be safe, you need to install some burglar bars. The best thing you can do is to hire someone to install some resistant steel bars, which you can order online, or buy them at your local home store.

Most of them can be out of your budget, but if you would truly love to save some money you can take some advice from Marlon Welding a welder in Johannesburg.

The company has been busy perfecting the quality of the bars throughout the years. With limited equipment and slight determination, they now create the best hand-made burglar bars in Johannesburg.

So you can always find/set up a workshop and get a few raw materials to create your own security bars, which will keep your children and your house safe.

Burglars are divided into three types: Professionals, Semi-professionals and amateurs. You can definitely expect one of them to come by your house.

Of course the Professionals will always go for the biggest pray. However semi-pros and amateurs can watch your house from a week to less than an hour before they make their despicable move.

So make sure you have your security intact. Always keep your loved ones safe, before thinking about who’s watching from the other side of your driveway.

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Diabetes Video About E-book



I have been actively searching for a cure to diabetes. Many hours of research has taken me in a lot of different directions. Diabetic drugs don’t work in keeping you healthy. They only make you sicker and dependent. A lot of claims are made about miracle cures and miracle foods. But those don’t really solve the root cause of the problem.

Here is some information about the disease that you should read about overcoming your diabetes naturally.

What I have learned from this extensive study is that the best treatment for the disease is to change the way you eat and live. That is actually the most effective way to reverse your diabetes.

But that is easier said than done. People love to eat what they feel tastes good, not what is good for them. So food is much like an addiction. The habits we form with foods can be harder to break than any other addiction.

So first an understanding of how powerful a diet change can be to cure the problem. If you doubt that it will help you then you won’t be motivated enough to make the changes. It takes a lot of will power not to eat the piece of cake in the refrigerator. You have to do a lot of research and study on how diet will cure you of blood sugar problems.

When you have the knowledge you will then be ready to take on the next phase of your treatment. And that is to make drastic changes in the way you live and eat. Especially the meals you consume are the most important.

I found an e-book about how to reverse your diabetes which lays all that out. It can be found at the link I am posting in this article.

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The video is also embedded below. Make sure to watch the entire thing. Pay attention to what the person is saying.